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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is full of Pokemon to catch and items to acquire throughout your adventure across the expansive Sinnoh region. One of the most important items in the post-game is Mysterious Shards.

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You can trade Mysterious Shards for slates that you can use to summon Legendary Pokemon in Ramanas Park, so it's a good idea to learn about these shards even if you haven't beaten the Elite Four yet. Below you can find out everything you need to know about Mysterious Shards, including their location and how to use them.

How To Get Mysterious Shards


Before you can start collecting Mysterious Shards, you need to defeat the Elite Four and obtain the National Pokedex. You need to access Ramanas Park as well. After you finish these essential steps, you can start collecting Mysterious Shards in the Grand Underground.

The Grand Underground has many Pokemon and items to discover within it, and Mysterious Shards are one of them. When you're running around inside the tunnels of the Grand Underground, you'll see shiny spots on the map. These shining spots indicate an area that you can mine for treasure.


There are lots of items to obtain through mining, such as Statues and Mysterious Shards. Mysterious Shards are pink, and they have a yellow spot in their center, so you'll know when you encounter them. Additionally, there are two types of Mysterious Shards, including small and large versions.

When you start mining a piece of the wall, use the tools to dig around each area just enough to see whether any items are hiding beneath it. If you don't see any items, then move to a different section of the wall. There is a limit to how many times you can hit the wall with your mining equipment that appears on the screen as a crack, so keep this in mind while digging. Try to prioritize the areas with the least resistance first since it's easier to mine in those spots.

When you spot a Mysterious Shard or any other item you want to obtain, dig around the area until you fully uncover the item. You won't receive the item at the end of the session unless you remove every piece of stone from the object. Then you can collect the item and move on to the next shining spot on your map.

How To Use Mysterious Shards


Mysterious Shards are an item you can trade for legendary Pokemon slates to use in Ramanas Park. Some of these plates are version exclusive, so you can't get all of them in one version of the game.

To purchase Mysterious Shards, you need to travel to Ramanas Park and speak to the women on the left side of the main building. This character will sell you each slate for three Small Mysterious Shards or one Large Mysterious Shard, so the price varies depending on which size Mysterious Shard you have. You can then use the slates to encounter legendary Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

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