There was a Power Rangers film in 2017 that was a bit more serious than the usual cheesy kids show we know and love. But it didn't go anywhere. The post-credit Tommy tease was seemingly abandoned and any hopes of a sequel slowly waned, but Netflix is taking another crack at it, creating a rebooted cinematic universe of television shows and movies.

"Since we set up Power Rangers with Jonathan [Entwistle], we pitched really a whole-world approach," the president of global television at Entertainment One, Michael Lombardo, told Deadline. "It's not just one show - it's shows followed by films, some kids' programming. We have found a great writing partner for him - they are off. Knock on wood, Netflix is excited, we're excited, we hope to have some news soon."

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Power Rangers has been going for nearly thirty years, acting as a sister to the Japanese show Super Sentai - it often uses the same action sequences with English dubs over to fit their story. In this three-decade-long partnership, we've seen 28 seasons, 21 different themes, and three films. It isn't clear if Netflix will continue from this extensive canon or start over to bring in new audiences, but if it does, there's a lot of history to work with.


Between 2017 and now, there have been a few comic runs such as Shattered Grid and Mighty Morphin. These have given the Rangers a more mature tone while keeping the cheesy costumes, silly villains, and superhero aesthetic. In ways, they've become more family-friendly than aimed toward just children.

Which direction Netflix will take is anyone's guess, but Hasbro bought Power Rangers for $500 million in 2018 so it's no doubt looking to make good on its costly acquisition. Games, shows, movies, and further comic runs are all promised.

In the wait, there's always the new Dino Fury season which got a trailer in February. If you're itching to watch people in tight colourful costumes punch aliens while yelling, then you're set.

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