Kojima is up to something. We knew that from earlier in the month when he tweeted about how he was "reworking a project & script I wrote almost a year ago" to be more in-line with the times, something that Kojima said was necessary for a project to come alive.

"The world situation, my environment, emotions last year are quite different now," wrote Kojima, "so I can't put myself in the same world I was thinking of then."

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Cryptic, sure, but when is this brilliant game designer not being cryptic online? Except to shill for his new line of glasses, anyway.

Now we're getting even more cryptic tweets. Today's image appears to show a camera crew working to get a set ready for recording. People seem to think the guy in the white shirt and black boots is Norman Reedus, but it's a little too dark to be sure. There's a lot of lights, cameras, and action, along with that ladder, but nothing that really tells us what this whole production is about.

"Recently, I've been revising the plan and script,” Kojima wrote, repeating his words from earlier in the month, “and experimenting with everything else.” Again, cryptic.


We don't know what Kojima is talking about, but we might find out at The Game Awards. Presenter Geoff Keighley replied to Kojima's post with emoji eyes, perhaps foretelling of a Game Awards collaboration on December 9.

All this is mere speculation of course. Kojima is as opaque as ever, and we're unlikely to divine his intentions simply by looking at social media.

A better source would be an official press release which recently revealed Kojima Productions is expanding with a new office in Los Angeles, California. The studio extension will focus on TV, music, and movies with the intent of expanding the reach of "properties now under development at Kojima Productions." Given the fact that Kojima is pals with quite a few big names in show business, such as Edgar Wright, Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo Del Toro, and the aforementioned Norman Reedus, it doesn't seem like too big of a leap for Kojima to try his hand at TV and movies.

Perhaps a Death Stranding TV show is just around the corner.

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