2021 has been a bigger year for new games than it is getting credit for. The nominations for this year's Game Awards, which were revealed last week, just go to show that despite delays and the world trying to recover from a pandemic, we have been spoiled this year. It Takes Two, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, New Pokemon Snap, and Returnal are just some of the terrific titles many of us will be playing long after 2021 has come to an end.

All of that being said, 2022 is quickly shaping up to be even bigger. For starters, a lot of the games that were supposed to launch this year have been pushed into next year. Horizon Forbidden West is just one of the games to have had its release date moved into 2022. It's also one of many games that will contribute to what might well be the busiest February in video game history.

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Since Forbidden West isn't here yet, and won't be for at least another three months, that gives you a chance to play Horizon Zero Dawn if you haven't already. The good news is you can currently grab the first game in the series for half price on Steam. The Complete Edition is just £19.99 on Steam right now. If you have played it you'll know that's quite the bargain. If you haven't, please take our word for it.


Apparently, Zero Dawn will be on sale until November 29, although the length of the deal appears to differ depening on region so if you're thinking about cashing in, it's probably best not to dilly dally. The only slight problem is that if you love Zero Dawn and you don't have a PlayStation, the wait to play Forbidden West might be a long one. It seems the sequel is going to remain a PlayStation exclusive until at least late 2022.

The good news for PC-owning PlayStation exclusive lovers is the barrier between the two is being broken down bit by bit. Zero Dawn has been available on PC for more than a year, Days Gone is on there too, and God of War is getting a PC launch next year ahead of the arrival of Ragnarok.

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